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As a wellness dynamo and Stamina  MechanicTM my mission is empowering Burnt out women and men 30+ who are tired, wired and defeated to be organised, energised and harmonised. This allows me to fulfill what I am most passionate about … reconnecting individuals with Energy, Passion and Purpose to enable them to rekindle their sense of self and live life with renewed purpose.

Amanda is a fully qualified Clinical Naturopath accredited in Australia with ATMS. She has been practicing in the health and natural food industry for over 16 years and lecturing and supervising Clinic at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) for 8 years. 

Amanda is able to educate and empower you to create strategies and goals to improve a range of conditions and situations.

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My Journey


My own journey started 20 years ago in my early 30s. I realised I was burning the candle at both ends when my father passed away suddenly under 60. It was the reality check I needed.

So, I quit my unfulfilling long hours and international travelling corporate job so I could pursue a path in the wellness industry. I was concerned I would not be around for my mum who had recently been diagnosed with leukaemia.

I moved back home and rekindled my love of nutrition and studied natural therapies and incorporated this into both of our lives.

Fast forward 15 years and I became my mum’s carer through end stage leukemia whilst still juggling my own clinic and lecturing in Nutrition. In the middle of that … menopause decided to rear its hot head.

I was exhausted, grieving and heading for burnout again. 

My Lessons Learned


What I learned was how to much better manage my stress and fluctuating hormones. Focusing on clean eating, sleep and exercise, plus work life balance, and mindfulness was essential.

But my biggest lesson was, and is, around organisation and accountability. I not only wanted to make sure I was doing the right things but that I’d follow through and get them done.

Even as a naturopath, I knew I needed motivation and support to achieve this. I came to realise … even professional sports people and entrepreneurs have coaches to guide them on their personal journey.

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Wellness Services

Individual Consultation


Includes a full case history.

When relevant, includes in-depth

personal health and family history,

lifestyle and diet appraisal.

Email any medical reports,

tests plus names of medications

or supplements prior to visit.

Individual conditions,

requirements and expected

outcomes will direct treatment

goals and recommendations

which are negotiated

at the end of consult.

They may include, e.g.: diet and

symptom diaries, meal plans,

lifestyle changes, referral to

other health practitioners or

testing facilities, etc.

Book a 10min Breakthru Call

to see how you and Amanda

can work together

Wellness Journey Package


Start your remarkable holistic

wellness journey with a

combination of 3 Individual

Consultations as part of

a personalised wellness package.

Schedule in your first Consultation

and 2 additional sessions over

approximately 2-8 weeks to take

advantage of this reduced price.

Additional sessions address

wellness goals to become habits

so you physically, mentally and

hormonally feel more energetic

and emotionally aligned.

Added value: includes a copy of

your 7 page individualised

health report.

Book a 10min Breakthru call

to see what your

individualised package

can include

Breakthru Session


This 10min structured session

offers an opportunity for

you and Amanda to quickly unlock

key health concerns that are

stopping you from moving forward

in your wellness journey.

It also provides the chance to see if

you and Amanda are a good fit

and how you might work together

to implement your wellness goals.

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